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Pacific Power Hit Me With An Upfront Cost !?!

I just recently moved to Yakima and when I transferred my apartment's electricity into my name, I was hit with an unexpected $145 upfront cost from Pacific Power. The customer service rep gave me no explanation why I was given this charge and instead kept diverting me to answering how I wanted to pay it.

The service rep said they'd waive the payment if I had another electric company mailed them a certified letter stating my good payment history (I've never been late for a Utility/Rent payment in my life) or if a "current longtime Pacific Power customer" sent them a certified letter; essentially vouching for me.

What is this? I've had service with multiple electric companies prior, let alone Cascade Natural Gas which I contacted minutes later, and none of them demanded an upfront payment. Are they discriminating against me because I identified as self-employed?

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