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Suggestions on the best electrical contractor in Yakima, anyone?

I am planning on breaking down my 20-year-old garage which is in a really bad condition and building it from scratch. I would be building it myself, but I am no electrical genius. I, therefore, was looking for a contractor that could sit down with me and help me plan the circuitry so that I could then go ahead and begin the construction work, and have them over once construction is done to complete all the electrical installation.

I did my homework and was looking through results on Google and Yelp and I have decided to call up this electrician. I have already set up an appointment with this guy at 509 Electric and he comes over this Friday. I am having second thoughts though, is electrical planning something that I need a second opinion on? I was talking to a friend from Ocala, FL this weekend telling me about how bad the plan on his home pipelines was (he built his home himself and hired external contractors to help with the planning) and he said he should have got a second opinion before going ahead.

I was thinking that electrical connections, even though it's somewhat the same as pipelines can't be all that challenging right? My only requirement is that the wiring is concealed and built into the wall. Have any of you had experiences of this kind? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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